Application for reimbursement of tuition fee


  • Your reference number can be found on your invoice
  • In order to process your application you need to attach documents supporting your reason(s) for reimbursement. If you do not have any documentation to support your application, choose “No” from the drop-down menu below.
    • Bank account information

      If your application is approved, we require the information below in order to reimburse the amount. Please note that account holder information must be regarding the same account as used for the original payment. Note that the account must still be open. If you lack the following information, please contact your bank. We also require a proof of bank account. The proof of bank account must show who the account holder is, and that the account is open. For payments to USA submit ABA number, FW number or Routing number together with the account number.

      • When we have received your application for refund, your case will be processed, and depending on the circumstances of your cases, processing times can vary. If we require further information, we will contact you. The decision in your case will be sent to the email address you have stated.