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  • 1. Type of funding

  • 2. Contact Information

  • Short CV of the main applicant with the most recent and relevant positions, publications, etc. (max 800 words)
  • For example: CV for co-applicants, Visiting Fellows.
  • 3. Description of the activity

  • A description of the aim of the activity and how it will benefit the research environment within Uppsala Forum (300-800 words).
  • A description of the expected scientific output of the proposed activity (150-300 words).
  • 4. Date of activity and costs

  • You can also point out proposed date(s) in the field below.
  • Remember to take overhead costs into account. Uppsala Forum covers OH costs up to 30%.
  • Upload an appendix with cost assessments.
  • 5. Approval of the activity

  • Answer with the options: Yes/No. If no, applications can only be granted with the prerequisite of a future approval from the Head of Department.
  • Please elaborate on future prerequisites from the Head of Department.
  • What Uppsala Forum Does

    • A large number of Uppsala Forum events are open to the public and to all employees of Uppsala University. Uppsala Forum facilitates seminars, workshops and lectures and hosts an attractive visiting fellowship program.


    • Researchers at Uppsala Forum units are eligible to apply for certain grants, including the Uppsala Forum visiting fellowship program, smaller planning grants and grants for workshops and seminars. A special grant program targets doctoral students at Uppsala Forum units.


    Read more here: Uppsala Forum